(Subject to a Deed of Company Arrangement, Subject to a Creditors Trust Deed)


Quest Minerals Limited ACN 062 879 583 (Subject to a Deed of Company Arrangement and Creditors Trust) (ASX: QNL) has lodged a Prospectus and a Supplementary Prospectus with ASIC to raise $1.82 million via a Placement Offer of 91.0 million shares at a price of 2.0 cents per share.

CPS Capital Group Pty Ltd (licensed dealer in Securities AFSL 294848) has been appointed as Lead Manager for the Placement Offer, which will recapitalise the Company and (along with other conditions referred to in the Prospectus) achieve reinstatement of the Company’s securities for trading on ASX.

The Prospectus for the Share Placement Offer was lodged with ASIC on 15 November 2016 and may be viewed and downloaded here.

The Supplementary Prospectus containing the Share Application Form was lodged with ASIC on 29 November 2016 and can be viewed and downloaded here. To download the SHARE APPLICATION FORM attached to the Supplementary Prospectus, click here.

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If you have any enquiries about Quest Minerals and the proposed recapitalisation, please contact: Mr Gino Vitale, Managing Director on +61 (8) 9221 3355 or Mr Stuart Third, Company Secretary on +61 (8) 9217 9800, or alternatively send us a message via the form below.


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